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The Painter's biography and her passion for painting

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Luana Tuis was born in Switzerland in 1959. At an early age she began to study the violin but the passion for drawings and colours prevailed. At 12 she began to paint Porcelain. She painted her first portrait, of her grandmother, at age 13 and at 15 began to paint with the oil technique. In 1974/1975 she attended the Art School of Venice but then dropped out due to family issues. During her stay she visited forty art exhibits and it was during one of these occasions that she met the maestro, Emilio Vedova, who invited her to his workshop. In 1977 she participated in the first collective exhibit of figurative art at the “Quadrilatero” Gallery in Azzano X (PN). In 1982 she participated in another collective exhibition at the “L'Artistica” Association in Maniago (PN). Her first personal exhibition at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni (Expo Building) was held in 1989 followed by another personal one in 1990 at the Saletta Comunale (Town Hall) of Conegliano (TV). During the same year she participated in an extemporaneous painting exhibition organized by the Associazione Contrada Granda of Conegliano and tied for second place. In 1991 she exhibited her collection together with other artists at the Scoleta S. Zaccaria in Venice. In 1992 she was awarded second place at the “Memphis in May” painting contest held in Memphis (USA). The following years were filled with other exhibitions, contests and art expos. In 1997/1998, motivated by her passion for learning new techniques, she took courses in fresco painting, antique techniques and nude painting with an expert art teacher. She has always preferred figurative art as a means of artistic expression.