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Luana Tuis

Creation and sale of artworks

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Welcome to the Painter's, Luana Tuis, website. “Luana Tuis immediately perceives the fascination of Rivers, Lakes and Swamps. She prefers these subjects because they foster a deep affinity with her soul, somehow identifying herself in them, calming and subsiding the soul and other times tumultuously disrupting it.


But the water's surface has a close relationship with the sky, with the vegetation. The detail, even if it is significant, cannot steal the viewer's attention that sweeps across the entire piece and that has extremely good reasons for being intense. The homogeneous style is the main characteristic of the work of art. A few colours, qualified as “neutral”, seem to preserve other mixed hues whereby you can barely make out the properties of orange and brown. If we're talking about form then the colour mixtures are the main features of the paintings. However, since the entire piece is amplified by the bright light you can see harsh yellows, reds and greens. The artist's, Luana Tuis, work is to be considered “figurative”, a theme that is not easy for those who have what it takes, but this is not the case with Luana Tuis because she definitely has what it takes and more. Since my intuition has never failed me I am sure that she will have other immediate artistic acknowledgments.” Art Critic, Cav. Prof. Gianni Fasan 21/10/1992